3 Beautiful Hybrid Modeled Solo Strings, Sound Magic “Cadenza Solo Strings” is 83% OFF

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3 Beautiful Hybrid Modeled Solo Strings, Sound Magic “Cadenza Solo Strings” is 83% OFF.


Cadenza Solo Strings

“Cadenza Solo Strings” is a virtual instrument that sounds far beyond what digital is supposed to be.

Sound Magic captured the genuine tone and emotion of a solo violin, a solo viola and a solo cello by recording it at Platinum Sound in New York City.

This allowed them to keep the Italian handmade fiddle’s purity with crisp, clean, unaltered details free of reflections or coloring.

In fact, they used the SSL 9000 series console, along with legendary U47 and M49 Neumann vintage microphones, to ensure vivid representation in each note.

The instruments modeled in Cadenza Solo Strings were originally crafted by hand using well-aged European tone woods and naturally seasoned spruce from the Italian apps.

Oil-varnished to bring out the rich vibrancy of the wood, it produces a sophisticated sound with color, depth, and a powerfully full voice and constant timbre in every environment.

Cadenza Solo Strings offers far more sound-shaping options than a sampling instrument with five bands parametric EQ and more control over the harmonic partial sounds.

This means you can quickly change timbre with a simple turn of a knob or tune every single note with the Scala tuning system.

Regular price $399.99 on sale for only $69.99.

Cadenza Solo Strings

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