Available both as a cross-platform plug-in and iPad app, Positive Grid “BIAS Pedal Delay” is 50% OFF

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Available both as a cross-platform plug-in and iPad app, Positive Grid “BIAS Pedal Delay” is 50% OFF.


BIAS Pedal Delay

BIAS Pedal first rocked the guitar world with its embedded guitar-tone booster, the groundbreaking BIAS Distortion.

Now comes the second storm: BIAS Delay. Wrapped in the same expandable BIAS Pedal shell as BIAS Distortion, BIAS Delay lets you quickly and easily design thousands of custom delay pedals from scratch—giving you a seamlessly integrated ecosystem of effects and distortion pedals.

Available both as a cross-platform plug-in and iPad app, BIAS Delay travels effortlessly between studio and stage.

And of course, it’s ToneCloud-ready. Upload and share your unique delay pedals on the ToneCloud social network for guitarists, and download thousands of unique delay pedals from fellow musicians around the world.

An effects hoarder’s dream come true, BIAS Delay is the last delay pedal you’ll ever need!

  • Full-bodied, analog-like sound.
  • Extremely intuitive operation makes designing your own delay pedals a snap.
  • Killer factory presets make great starting points for creating your own custom pedals.
  • Coming soon: Share your custom pedal setups and download other guitarists’ custom BIAS Delay pedals on ToneCloud, Positive Grid’s ever-expanding social network.
  • Four delay types: Standard, Tape, Ping Pong and Reverse.
  • Delay times manually adjustable from 1 to 3,000 ms and sync-able to host.
  • Two 8-band graphic equalizers can be placed at various points in the signal chain via easy drag-and-drop.
  • Modulation Stage applies chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo or reverb to delay signal.
  • Four waveforms—sine, triangle, square and sawtooth—and rate, depth, width and mix controls shape the Modulation Stage’s LFO for multiple flavours of modulation.
  • Saturation and analog-tone controls add density to the Delay Stage’s input signal.
  • Unique Infinity control gives perpetual feedback without runaway oscillation.
  • Automatic Ducker with threshold, gain reduction, attack and release controls and helpful wet-signal meter.

Regular price $99 on sale for only $49.

BIAS Pedal Delay

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