Bundled with over 35,000 royalty-free sounds, “Audio Design Desk” is 91% OFF

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Audio Design Desk

Audio Design Desk is an AI-Assisted content creation tool that reinvents the process of connecting audio to video.

ADD is intelligent, so it’s aware of the types of sounds and music you import, use in your projects, and will even make qualified and informed recommendations to help keep your projects evolving in all the right ways.

This turns a once tedious and time-consuming process into a fun and efficient workflow.

ADD comes bundled with over 35,000+ royalty-free sounds with a team of composers releasing new effects, compositions, and sound design each week.

Audio Design Desk’s intuitive and innovative content creation tools empower filmmakers, sound designers, composers, and creators to produce cinema-quality compositions at the speed of thought, giving them a level of creative control unmatched by any other software.

  • 35,000+ Royalty Free SFX, Loops & Music Cues
  • Create Sound Design, Foley or Score in Real Time
  • Plugs Into Pro Tools, Logic, Live, Studio One, Reaper, Cubase and more
  • Intelligently Replace Sounds Without Losing Sync
  • Automatically Import and Analyze Your Sound Libraries
  • Weekly Sound Pack Releases
  • Custom Trigger Banks
  • Background Rendering
  • Intelligent TimeStretch Algorithms
  • Drag Sounds From ADD Into Any Other Program

For Mac only.

Regular price $1,099 on sale for only $99.

Audio Design Desk

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