Which includes five different effects pedals, Singomakers “Singomakers Plugin Bundle” is 50% OFF

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Which includes five different effects pedals, Singomakers “Singomakers Plugin Bundle” is 50% OFF.


Singomakers Plugin Bundle

Magic Stereo

You can get a stereo wide effect. The very unique GUI is intuitive and easy to use.

Presets designed for Bass, Leads and Drums are also available.

Kick Tweak

Singomakers Kick Tweak has been carefully designed to boost the weight & presence of your kick drums. Kicks are the heartbeat of modern music and getting them right within your tracks is essential.

Kick Tweak has the ability to ensue kicks thump whilst cutingt through the mix with little processing. With a selection of 10 expertly crafted presets Kick Tweak is quick and easy to achieve punchy and precise results. Get the kick sound you have always wanted.

Already championed by A-list producers including Chris Lake, Dada Life, Dannic, Jordy Dazz, Shapov, Joachim Garraud, D.O.D, Thomas Gold and more.

Kick Tweak is a fine and affordable addition to your plugin collection.

  • Effect (controls several parameters in same time, in different presets and different effects from Compressor, saturation, distortion, EQ and more)
  • Detector (threshold for signal detection, in presets 7-10 only)
  • Drive (controls different types of distortion and amount of distortion in presets 7-10 only)


A multi-band saturator that combines a different processing chain for each band, a powerful EQ created to get the best mixing/mastering results.

Custom-made Hi-End filters with a different saturation type for each band.

  • Low
  • Low-mid
  • High-mid
  • High
  • Low-Pass & High-Pass filters

It works perfectly on Synths, Drums, Basses and Vocals.

Crystal EQ

The following controls are available.

  • High Pass Filter
  • Low Frequencies
  • Low-Mid Frequencies
  • High-Mid Frequencies
  • High Frequencies
  • Low Pass Filter

Designed for creating clean and bright mixes & masters, the Crystal EQ is a one-stop EQ for cleaning up your drums, vocals and instruments to get them sitting perfectly in the mix.

Crystal EQ also comes with a collection of both live and electronic instrument presets – choose from the expertly crafted selections to get your bass, piano, synths, guitars & drums sounding crystal clear and full of life.

Phat Booster

Phat Booster is a one-knob plugin with 4 different algorithms to add fatness and power to your sound.

Expect to find 4 different Algorithms (modes), Tone Fader, Phase Reverse Button and Pre-Fader Filters (Off / 45 hz cut / 60 hz cut).

Phat Booster is a powerful tool to add some fatness to basses, synths, drums and even powerful low-end to vocals.

  • 4 Modes / Algorithms 
  • scalable design
  • Input Volume +6 -12 db
  • Output Volume +6 – 12 
  • Tone Fader
  • Phase Reverse Button
  • Pre-Fader Filters (Off / 45 Hz cut / 60 Hz cut)

Regular price $232 on sale for only $115.

Singomakers Plugin Bundle

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