Lovely Trident Console EQ sound, JRV Audio “SM8” is 85% OFF

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Lovely Trident Console EQ sound, JRV Audio “SM8” is 85% OFF.



The characteristics of this EQ can be described as smooth, punchy, big, round, full and present.

Packed with beautiful, inspiring and delightfully dark melodies, vocals, and advanced chord progressions.

Sculpting a sound never been that easy. Using this EQ is very straightforward yet incredibly musical.

Lovely Trident Console EQ sound is in your DAW now, with a simplified user experience.

You can try on other individual sources for a special tone, which will provide you rich, bodied and 3-dimensional sound.

It can be creamy, smooth yet clean and punchy or lo-fi, if you crank it, you deserve a little bit crunch…

  • Selected bands, cuts and boosts.
  • Special eq curves, internal oversampling 4x. Softran on higher boosts for smoother transients
  • Best components to obtain high fidelity as it is on hardware.

Regular price $54 on sale for only $9.99.


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