An extended microphone module for ML-1 and VMS, Slate Digital “Classic Tubes 3” is 67% OFF

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An extended microphone module for ML-1 and VMS, Slate Digital “Classic Tubes 3” is 67% OFF.


Classic Tubes 3

The Classic Tubes 3 Expansion Pack adds five new lush, vintage, and warm tube mics to the Virtual Microphone System mic locker. 

From German classics to custom hybrid Tube/Ribbon mics, these mics will help give your recordings a classic tone and feel.


A model of one of the most famous old German tube mics, the FG-49 has an incredibly dominant and rich midrange along with a slightly airy and smooth top end.

It makes a fantastic vocal mic on the right singer, but really shines as a drum room mic, piano mic, horn mic, or kick drum mic.


The 67 in the VMS collection has the low pass filter mod which makes it brighter than a typical 67, so Slate decided to add a stock 67 to Classic Tubes 3.

The stock 67 is somewhat dark on the top end with beautiful lush lows. It can be great on vocals, drum rooms, piano, horns, and just about anything that needs a vintage tone!


A recreation of a famous Japanese tube microphone. This mic is one of the most flattering sounding microphones in the entire collection.

The midrange is sculpted in a way that makes almost any voice pleasing. It also sounds great on acoustics, drum overheads, and piano.


This is the first VMS model of a classic ribbon mic, but in cardioid form.

But since this is Classic Tubes 3, Slate added a custom tube stage to give the moc model some more tube harmonics and subtle saturation.

This mic is great on anything that needs ultra smooth vintage vibes.


This is the second model of a famous old German tube mic.

It is similar in nature to the stock 47, but has a slightly smoother upper midrange and top, along with a fatter low mid.

This mic will be perfect for vintage vocal sounds, and will sound great.

ML-1/VMS Microphone and iLok (2/3) are required.

Regular price $299 on sale for only $99.

Classic Tubes 3

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