Bold & energetic picked electric bass, UJAM “Virtual Bassist ROWDY” is 70% OFF

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Bold & energetic picked electric bass, UJAM “Virtual Bassist ROWDY” is 70% OFF.


Virtual Bassist ROWDY

“Virtual Bassist ROWDY” was built by musicians for musicians, giving you all the tools you need to produce awesome bass lines quickly and easily.

Player Mode
Virtual Bassist ROWDY has two distinct modes – Player Mode lets you quickly choose from one of the 60 styles and 1380 phrases with your MIDI controller, seamlessly following in an intelligently musical way whatever key or chord is being played.

Instrument Mode
The Instrument Mode is one for the keyboard wizards and opens up the entire ROWDY fretboard to be played like a traditional sampler, complete with dead notes, full stops and even slides.

Tone-Sculpting Controls
Perfect your performances and sound with Virtual Bassist ROWDY’s powerful yet simple tone-sculpting controls.

Choose between a DI signal and 3 separate hand-picked amps with separate dial-in controls for overdrive and fuzzy rudeness.

The character knob can then give you instant access to many useful scuzzy sonic flavours before adding the cherry on top with an octaver and a simple EQ and dynamics section.

PreSonus Chord & Key Track
With the new Virtual Bassist 2.1 update UJAM provides Studio One users running on version 4.6.2 or later with an exclusive PreSonus chord and key track feature!

Descriptions of styles and phrases are displayed on the piano roll to help you find the right styles and phrases faster and easier for your track.

  • 60 styles and 1380 phrases
  • 15 Finisher multi-effect modes
  • Adjustable fuzz for that extra bite
  • Powerful-yet-simple sound shaping options
  • MIDI Drag and Drop
  • Artificially intelligent articulation modeling
  • DAW quantisation and UI resizing

Regular price $146.31 on sale for only $44.23.

Virtual Bassist ROWDY

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