Three 1176 compressors combined, MSG “Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor” is 90% OFF

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Three 1176 compressors combined, MSG “Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor” is 90% OFF.


Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor

If you are looking for the ultimate multiband dynamics processor then you have found it in the latest mixing and mastering plugin from Minimal System Group.

Just imagine the possibilities of three 1176 compressors combined, each controlling and processing three individual bands of your incoming audio!

Each band of the Tri-Comp gives you full control over compression and limiting, with the addition of Mid/Side processing.

The Tri-Comp gives you complete control over your mix, whilst retaining perfect clarity and transparency.

  • Three 1176 emulated compressors.
  • Three band processing (Low/Mid/High).
  • Mid/Side processing incorporated into each compressor.
  • Input, Output, Attack, Release, and Ratio controls.
  • Solo each band for accurate processing.
  • Bypass button for A/B comparisons.
  • Master Balance control.
  • VU signal monitoring.
  • Professional GUI design.
  • Very low CPU usage.

This product is only compatible with Windows operating systems.

Regular price $58.97 on sale for only $5.5.

Tri-Comp Multiband Compressor

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