[Plugin Boutique’s 10th Anniversary] Polychrome software synthesizer, Arturia “Pigments 3” is 50% OFF

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Polychrome software synthesizer, Arturia “Pigments 3” is 50% OFF.


Pigments 3

Pigments 3 is a state-of-the-art software instrument that gives you the power of every shade of synthesis.

With colourful sound engines, effortless modulation, professional utilities, and studio-grade FX, explore an infinite spectrum of sound.

What’s new in Pigments 3.5?

Beyond its new features, new enhancements, and hundreds of new presets, Pigments 3.5 is more than the sum of its parts. These are never-before-heard positions at the modern edge of the sonic spectrum, where aggressive meets euphoric, sinister meets graceful.

  • CrossMod – Create unique sonic behaviours and complex timbres with cross-modulation between Engines 1 & 2.
  • Distortion Module – 16 versatile distortion algorithms in one component.
  • Expanded Comb Filter – A versatile sound design tool that goes beyond classic filter behaviour.
  • Enhanced Sample Engine Browser – Finding the right sample and organising your library in Pigments’ Sample engine is easier than ever. The browser has been expanded with subfolders, and you can now preview every sample simply by clicking on it.
  • Apple M1 Compatibility – Pigments 3.5 has been upgraded with native support for Apple’s next-generation M1 processors, ensuring smooth, flawless performance on the latest macOS machines.
  • Streamlined UI / UX – Pigments 3.5 comes with a number of subtle redesigns and workflow improvements to streamline your sound design process. With tweaked menus and simplified navigation, Pigments 3.5 is simply easier, faster, and more reliable.
  • New Wavetables – Pigments 3.5 introduces dozens of new wavetables inspired by molecular structures, mineral textures, and aggressive modern timbres, offering an ever-more-expansive palette for today’s electronic music producers.
  • New Factory Presets – Pigments 3.5 introduces 150 brand new patches crafted by in-house sound designers and world-class producers, exploring the massive potential of new features like CrossMod, Comb Filters, new wavetables, and more.


  • Two engines in parallel with a choice of:
    • Virtual Analog triple osc engine
    • Complex Wavetable engine (including over 160 wavetables)
    • Sample & Granular engine (including sample library)
    • Harmonic Oscillator additive engine
  • Third Utility engine
    • Analogue-style oscillator layer with 5 waveforms and 6-octave range
    • Dual noise sample players with built-in sample library
  • Visual interface with color-coded modules and graphical feedback
  • Dual filters with continuous series/parallel routing
    • Classic filter types from V Collection instruments
    • Modern filter types
  • Powerful FX section
    • Insert or Send routing
    • Modulable parameters
    • 18 FX algorithms, from vintage to cutting-edge
  • Advanced modulation system
    • Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based.
    • Envelopes, LFOs, Function generators, Random src, …
  • An extensive, ever-growing library of 1200 presets
  • Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator
    • Create complex, custom and evolving sequences/arps

Regular price $218.9 on sale for only $108.91.

Pigments 3

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