Adding a little funky spice to your tracks, Renegade Audio “Retro Funk Vocals” is 60% OFF

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Adding a little funky spice to your tracks, Renegade Audio “Retro Funk Vocals” is 60% OFF.


Retro Funk Vocals

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Retro Funk Vocals is all about that late ‘70s sound and lyrical phrasing with classic party anthem calls to the dancefloor such as: “Hot Wire, Give It To Me, Get Down, Bumpin’ and Takin’ It Higher” – it’s all there, ready to add a little funky-spice to your tracks.

This essential funk vocal pack is packed with upbeat, hip-shakin’, booty-movin’ highly usable vocal phrases that will enhance and elevate your productions.

With over 2200+ loops, Retro Funk Vocals Vol 1, provides a variety of tempos and keys. Each vocal part has been lovingly crafted and processed through 70’s era vocal FX (and beyond) to provide that supa-funktastic vibe.

Retro Funk Vocals will be a go-to pack for years to come as it’s built for maximum flexibility and usability.

Performed by Selena Evangeline, Retro Funk Vocals contains 6 song folders, Each main vocal phrase includes the breakout individual harmony parts (which are minimum 4 and maximum 6 parts), also included are 40 single line phrases.

  • Dry: Raw loops without any processing or FX. This allows you to start from scratch to create your own processed versions that is just right for your productions.
  • 50s Megaphone: Thin, raw and aggressive sound
  • Harmonizer: 1970s Eventine Emulation. From sci-fi sound design to pop music landmarks from David Bowie and AC/DC.
  • LoFi: Emulating that dusty vintage sound of old vinyl that always sounds good.
  • Multi FX: Distortion, Flanger, Chorus, Delay, Reverb, Filter & EQ – the Multi packs the full punch of tasteful and useful processing with a lot of groove.
  • Echo: A nice simple and tasteful echo
  • Reverb 1: The legendary Capitol Records Chamber reverb
  • Reverb 2: A sweet, short EMT Plate reverb for ambience
  • SlapBackEcho: Classic style slapback echo heard on countless recordings since the 50s
  • Morphorder: Waves Morphoder (vocoder styles)
  • Vocoder 1 & 2: Over the past four decades, vocoders have been used to stunning effect, transforming human voices into various forms of robot speak on hits by Herbie Hancock, Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, Afrika Bambaataa, and countless modern hit-making producers.

Samples are managed in the cloud

The biggest advantage is that all the large libraries you purchase from Loopmasters are stored in the cloud. The best part is that you can download and use only what you need.

You don’t have to worry about storage overwhelm.And because it’s stored in the cloud, you can access your entire collection from any device.

No matter how much it increases, it is safe. By the way, you can manage your samples as well.

Regular price $39.2 on sale for only $15.68.

Retro Funk Vocals

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