Drum instrument that covers all genres, Wave Alchemy “Drumvolution” is 70% OFF

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Drum instrument that covers all genres, Wave Alchemy “Drumvolution” is 70% OFF.



Drumvolution is a forward-thinking, truly modern Drum Engine powered by a ground-breaking library of 28,000+ electronic drums and sound design tools.

Featuring a slick design and unprecedented creative workflow, Drumvolution delivers an intuitive Drum Layering Engine and Browser, X+Y Pad, extensive modular Macro System, Parameter-lock Effects, Polyrhythmic Sequencing, extensive sound design parameters, and over 400 beautifully designed presets.

Drumvolution’s focus is not emulation – It’s about creating new, visionary drum sounds that push the boundaries of what was previously possible… It’s drum programming evolved…

Drumvolution’s sound engine combines beautifully designed analogue/electronic drums and acoustic instruments in a ground-breaking new way.

The sound content that powers Drumvolution was designed, layered and imagined from the ground up using a collection of impressive sources; sought-after modern/vintage analogue drum machines, powerful modular synths, world-class live rooms and acoustic instruments, sound design layering tools, found sound, processed Foley, prepared percussion, re-amped drums, tape machines, intricately layered abstract sounds, and much more…

All captured by mastering-grade conversion via impressive analogue signal chains.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Kontakt Player 5.8.1 Player or Kontakt 5.8.1 (or Kontakt 6 / 6 Player)
  • 4 GB RAM

Regular price $207.89 on sale for only $64.9.


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