Slow and Emotional Strings, Ben Osterhouse “Sospiro Strings” is 50% OFF

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Slow and Emotional Strings, Ben Osterhouse “Sospiro Strings” is 50% OFF.


Sospiro Strings

“Sospiro Strings” offers a unique approach to creating slow, emotive strings by providing a collection of 4 different length swells and 3 sustained articulations that can be played either as an ensemble or via the individual instrument patches.

The interface allows you to create tempo-synced string swells from a single quarter note all the way up to four full bars that can fit any composition making it perfect for Intimate Film Scoring, TV Music and Chamber Music!

There are 2 varieties of Swells:

  • The vibrato swells provide a warm, individual sound. The vibrato samples sound better or worse depending on how much they are being timed-stretched, which is why it is especially nice to have non-vibrato as an option. All of the swells were originally recorded at 110 BPM.
  • The non-vibrato swells have a clear tone which especially brings attention to the change in tone as each instrument gets louder and softer.

There are 3 varieties of Sustains:

  • The cold sustains are played with a slow bow and no vibrato, a fragile sound at the edge of breaking.
  • The warm sustains are played over the fingerboard with a fast, freely changing bow and generous vibrato.
  • The full sustains are played closer to the bridge with a slow, heavy bow. Vibrato is used with discretion.

Requires the FULL Retail version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or later (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player).

Regular price $71.5 on sale for only $35.21.

Sospiro Strings

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