Plug-ins that simulate any reference monitor environment, Audified “MixChecker” series is up to 49% OFF

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Plug-ins that simulate any reference monitor environment, Audified “MixChecker” series is up to 49% OFF.

A mixing and mastering plug-in that emulates a variety of monitor environments at the touch of a button.

You can check your monitors without exporting or taking them to other environments.



Everyone who mixes content for the audience has to make sure, that their mixes sound great in every environment. That must be done quickly and easily.

This ultimate mixing assistant will help you to get better mixes instantly. MixChecker saves your precious time.

Plug it in the master track of your project as the last segment of your listening chain and quickly turn your studio monitors into classic reference monitors or several consumer devices.

Have you ever wondered why your music, your videos, showreels and movies do not sound well when you move out of your studio? Why do they lose punch and clarity that your awesome studio monitors deliver? That is because you do not use the same equipment the real people use.

To bring the best quality to your audience, you need to check your mixes as often as possible. That is why we made MixChecker.

Because we know You mix for the People.

  • Simulations of average/standard consumer commercial devices
  • Compensation for smaller monitors
  • Hear what your audience will hear
  • Instant check – instant corrections
  • No more extra exports
  • An enormous amount of time saved

We measured the frequency responses and behaviour of all the devices listed in MixChecker in laboratory conditions to create their true and faithful models that you can rely on.

Regular price $78.11 on sale for only $42.9.


Audified MixChecker Pro

Everyone who mixes content for the audience has to make sure that the mixes sound great on every consumer device.

It can be done quickly and easily with MixChecker or MixChecker Pro. With tons of new features, the two let you simulate the exact surroundings and devices of your listeners.

All characteristics are newly measured, the processing engine is completely different with lower latency and phase linearity. No simple impulse responses inside. 

Create sets of simulations. Drag the selected simulations in any order to the MixChecker button. Save your selection to several button sets together with stereo base width and volume level for each button.

  • Simulation of many additional consumer devices compared to MixChecker
  • Simulation of device distortion
  • Background noise
  • Auto-advance function
  • Remote control from iOS, Android and browser
  • Simple user interface

Regular price $143.01 on sale for only $75.89.

Audified MixChecker Pro

Regular price $64.9 on sale for only $33.01.

MixChecker Pro Upgrade from MixChecker

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