ROLI’s revolutionary MPE synthesizer, ROLI “Equator2” is 30% OFF

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ROLI’s revolutionary MPE synthesizer, ROLI “Equator2” is 30% OFF.



Six fully flexible source slots let you build unique sounds, drawing on a wide range of synthesis engines.

A wavetable oscillator with a library of bespoke waveforms combined with a high-resolution multi-sampler, a granular engine, FM and more to provide an infinite palette of sounds and textures.

Equator2’s six independent Source Modules host any one of four synthesis engines for endless sonic combinations.

A massive collection of wavetables, multi-samples and granular sources feed the Engines, and every Source Module incorporates its own multimode filter as well as dedicated sends to two further global filters for comprehensive tonal shaping.

Equator2 has 42 richly detailed, multi-sampled instruments with 220 articulations and variations.

From vintage synthesizers like the Roland System-100 to world acoustic instruments like the Sitar, the samples are highly adaptable, opening new sources of inspiration. Plus, it’s easy to import your own samples.

  • Over 1300 Presets – Includes 530 MPE presets, and 848 built for conventional controllers.
  • Waveforms – 244 new wavetables, 5 VA waveforms, 44 digital Equator1 waveforms, 42 new multisample instruments with 220 variations and articulations, as well as easy drag and drop of your own samples.
  • 6 Flexible Sources – Choose from up to 6 instances of 4 source types: Wavetable, Granular, Multi-Sampler, Noise.
  • Extensive Modulation – 5 expression curves, 5 LFOs, 2 multi-mod, 5 envelopes, 4 math and 4 random modules, and an intuitive click & drag modulation system.
  • Creative Effects – 12 fully flexible slots, with 15 premium effects.
  • Routing – Multiple signal routing possibilities through filters and effects.

Regular price $273.9 on sale for only $191.4.


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