A Meticulous Emulation of The Legendary ARP Odyssey, GForce “Oddity2” is 75% OFF

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A Meticulous Emulation of The Legendary ARP Odyssey, GForce “Oddity2” is 75% OFF.



While the duophonic and monophonic modes have been retained, Oddity2 now also offers a monophonic legato mode, plus a POLYPHONIC MODE.

Everything from spiky and resonant textures to lush and warm pads sounds can either be programmed from Oddity2’s intuitive controls or simply dialed up via the 1000+ categorized patches.

Via three filter modes and an additional oscillator, Oddity2 can sound as versatile and punchy as its main rival, the Mini, back in the day.

Furthermore, dedicated LFO & ADSR, called XLFO & XASDR respectively, for modulation of almost every parameter make it the most programmable one.

  • Analog modeling of a classic
  • Over 1000 Categorised Patches
  • Monophonic, Duophonic, and Polyphonic modes
  • MKI, MKII and MKIII filter, High-pass filter
  • Vast Modulation options via XLFOs and XADSRs
  • Two syncable oscillators plus a sub-oscillator
  • Fully tuneable across a six octave range
  • Sawtooth, Square, Sine & Variable pulse width waveforms
  • Ring modulator
  • Dynamic control over filter cutoff and amplitude
  • Timed Morphing between presets within a preset bank.
  • Flying Slider feature
  • A=440Hz Reference tone
  • On-Board Delay
  • Spread and Random Pan Modes
  • Full automation support

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