Lush stereo reverbs with powerful control, iZotope “R4” is 93% OFF

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Lush stereo reverbs with powerful control, iZotope “R4” is 93% OFF.



R4 delivers the historic warmth of time-tested reverb hardware units with expanded creative control.

Add personality and depth to your music with reverb designed to color your mixes without compromising clarity.

For less traditional projects, use creative effects like Warp and Freeze to mangle your reflections beyond recognition and create twisted time effects to take your audience by surprise.

  • Lush stereo reverb algorithm
  • Warp controls with compression and overdrive
  • Create ambient drones and texture with Freeze
  • Pre-delay and reverb delay adjustable by tempo
  • Chorus and Gate modules for musical effects
  • 5 additional early reflection patterns and an additional hall algorithm
  • Dynamic tail suppression to lower reverb in louder parts of a mix
  • Over 1,200 presets (rooms, plates, halls, chambers, and more)
  • EuControl support

iLok License Manager required.

Regular price $328.9 on sale for only $21.99.


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