[Black Friday Sale]A plug-in for producing snare rolls, hi-hats, or glitch stutter effects, Thenatan “HATZ” is 87% OFF

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A plug-in for producing snare rolls, hi-hats, or glitch stutter effects, Thenatan “HATZ” is 87% OFF.



Thenatan’s HATZ is a must-have plugin for generating snare rolls, hi-hats, or glitchy stutter effects, perfect for Trap, Drill, Hip-Hop, Plugg, Pop, and more.

Thenatan HATZ VST Plugin

Hi-hat and snare rolls have existed for a long time in a number of genres. In most beat-making videos you see that producers spend a lot of time in their software’s piano roll, changing up division times to get the groove they want.

…but with Hatz…Creating hi-hat patterns, snare rolls, and stutters have never been easier.

  • Make that Rolling Hihats In Less than a Second and Play Different Patterns to Combine with your drums.
  • Built-in Effects ( Reverb – Delay – Bit Crusher – Saturation – Lp/Hp Filters – Stereo Widener ).
  • 4 Layers to add Over the Main Hihat.
  • Hatz Comes with Over 550 HD Hihat Samples ( In 9 Categories), And Also the Ability to import your Own One-Shot Samples Such As Hihats, Snare, and ETC. ( Drag & Drop )
  • Customizable Patterns, This means You can Select between 30 Different Patterns Alongside The Fixed Repeating Keys. ( Yellow Buttons Are Customizable )
  • Pitch / Pan / Gain and Filter Designers, Simply Create Uplifters or Crazy Pitching Hihats, Auto Panning Effect, and Auto Filter. Gain Designer Helps you to Make your Hihats Groovy & Humanize.
  • Hatz is Synced to your DAW, and It also can Play in half time Or Double Time using the Speed menu ( Top Right-hand side ).
  • Mono / Poly ( To avoid overlapping Notes )
  • Random Velocity, and Random sample Start.
  • Sample Start & Endpoint controls.
  • Play in reverse.
  • Modern user-friendly GUI made out of Vector elements ( No PNG At All, all Codes ).
  • Resizable UI ( up to 200%, Sharp and Smooth )
  • Intelligent Randomizer ( You will be amazed Of Results )
  • Preset Browser system. ( 120 factory Presets & Shareable Patches )

Regular price $79.5 on sale for only $9.99.


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