A whole new perspective of equalisation and dynamic processing, Boz Digital Labs “Boz Digital Labs EQ Collection” is 78% OFF

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A whole new perspective of equalisation and dynamic processing, Boz Digital Labs “Boz Digital Labs EQ Collection” is 78% OFF.


Boz Digital Labs EQ Collection

Big Beautiful Door

Big Beautiful Door gives you separate eq over your loud and your quiet parts of your track.

This lets you EQ your quiet sounds separately from your loud sounds.

Advanced sidechaining gives you complete control over how Big Beautiful Door reacts to your input.

Do you need to eq out the low end of your bass when your kick drum hits? This is how you do it. Or maybe you need to eq out the midrange of your back track whenever your vocals come it.

Big Beautiful Door makes this easy to do without automation.

Familiar envelope controls let you determine how quickly Big Beautiful Door will morph from one EQ setting to the other.

Whether you need quick gating or smooth transitions, you can set it up easily.

+10db Equaliser

+10db Equaliser is meticulously modelled after the EQ section of a very highly sought after hardware channel strip.

+10db Equaliser takes the EQ section from our +10db Channel strip plugin and puts it in a dedicated plugin.

This plugin faithfully recreates the curves and subtleties of this hardware equaliser unit.

T-Bone 2

T-Bone uses custom filters that do not have any of the wonky side effects to your high end that most digital filters have.

No matter what sample rate you are using, T-Bone will give you a smooth natural curve right up to Nyquist frequency.

T-Bone is a slant EQ at heart, with a few extra features that just make it that much more useful.

A slant EQ is a filter that simultaneously boosts one end of the frequency spectrum while attenuating the other end.

As it turns out this is an amazingly useful tool for brightening or darkening your tracks very quickly.

Another reason this is super handy is that it allows you to change the tone of your track without changing the overall level.

With traditional EQ plugins, as you boost certain frequencies, the overall sound gets louder.

The problem with this is that our brains have the screwy little feature where louder music tends to sound better (even if it actually sounds worse. Make sense?).

A slant EQ works around that special feature in our brain so that you aren’t deceived by the changing level and you can know instantly if your are improving or worsening your sound.

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Boz Digital Labs EQ Collection

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