Containing 20 of our amazing products, W.A.Production “2022 Christmas Bundle” is 95% OFF

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Containing 20 of our amazing products, W.A.Production “2022 Christmas Bundle” is 95% OFF.


2022 Christmas Bundle

Containing 20 of our amazing products, the 2022 Christmas Bundle will add an immediate boost to your productions.

Bundle Details:

  • 3 Plugins
  • 16 Sample Packs
  • 3 Video Courses


With delicious multi-band processing and 4 (count ‘em) simultaneous delay modules, Multibender is your tempo-synced solution to creative delay processing.

Conjure intricate percussion patterns, wild ping-pong synths and grooving leads with just a few clicks, or less if you use one of the inspirational presets.

Each individual delay band has bespoke effects to transform boring keys into wobbly vintage progressions, or tighten up your flabby bass parts with distortion and saturation for dance-floor domination.

Heat 2

This face-melting plugin features an intuitive new interface, more accurate frequency monitoring and a host of under-the-hood improvements.

Choose two of your favourite distortion and saturation models, and blend them together for fuzz-box fun.

You can shape the two effected signals with high and low pass filters, resulting in a more musical output than many other types of distortion plugins.

Tweak the parameters to your personal taste within the refreshed interface, newly designed to sit right alongside our other inspiring plugins.

The audio processing is now much clearer, with a top-to-bottom approach so it’s now easy to follow the signal flow and create amped-up overdrive.


Presenting COMBUSTOR – a unique way to create personalized compressor timbres.

This inspirational effect features adaptive saturation processing to add character and crunch to your audio, all within a single plugin.

Every compressor, both hardware and software versions, has its own unique tonality.

This is due to the performance of the real-life circuitry or modelling in the virtual realm.

Now you can give your own audio the type of sweet saturation that your tracks deserve, and create a bespoke character all your own.

COMBUSTOR features all the compressor controls you’d expect, and some surprises too, with 5 different saturation models and generous options for sound shaping.

This plugin can add harmonics to bass lines, snap to percussion and make your vocals sing.

Regular price $550 on sale for only $29.9.

2022 Christmas Bundle

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