The powerful homemade wavetable synth, Orb Plugins “Orb Synth” is 91% OFF

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The powerful homemade wavetable synth, Orb Plugins “Orb Synth” is 91% OFF.


Orb Synth

Orb Synth gives you amazing sounds for all of the 4 plugins of the suite. Two oscillators, two LFOs plus Amp and envelope.

Hexachords have also added a cool reverb, delay, and a powerful crunchy drive.

The built-in synth provides you with two wavetable oscillators, each with its own state – variable filter.

Two envelope generators (ADSRs) let you tweak the output envelope (AMP) or modulate other synth parameters (ENV).

Includes dozens of hand-made presets by industry professionals.

  • 2 Oscillators
  • 2 Filters
  • Sub Oscillator – A secondary oscillator that adds a single unison, octave, or 2-octave tone below the main oscillators.
  • Noise Generator – The Noise Generator can be used to create a noise sound that will mix with the rest of your synth. You can choose from Red Noise and White noise,
  • Unison – The unison selector enables you to select up to 8 voices to add to an existing sound. You can control how many voices, the amount mix, and the type of unison being used.
  • Modulators: AMP – Adjusts the ADSR of the synth’s volume J. Modulators: ENV – Adjusts the ADSR of the sound’s shape
  • 2 Independent LFO’s
  • Delay – A standard delay that lets the user adjust the delayed sound by time left and time right, overall feedback, and mix percentage.
  • Reverb – A standard reverb plugin that allows you to adjust room size, width, and mix percentage.
  • Drive – Adds a varying level of drive to a sound based on saturation percentage.
  • Glide – An effect of sliding from one note to the other.
  • Randomize – A button that enables you to randomly set various parameters, like presets, modulations, frequencies, matrix, etc. to produce a new and unique sound every time. 

Regular price $64.9 on sale for only $5.5.

Orb Synth

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