A powerful and intuitive sampler plugin, Serato “Serato Sample” is 50% OFF

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A powerful and intuitive sampler plugin, Serato “Serato Sample” is 50% OFF.


Serato Sample

A powerful and intuitive new sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples.

It has the world-famous Pitch ‘n’ Time algorithm built-in, giving you the best time-stretching quality on the market.

Sample will work in most DAWs that support AU/VST* plugins including Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro and Maschine.

  • Unrivalled time-stretching powered by Pitch ‘n Time
  • Flawless Key Detection and Key Shifting
  • Find the Best Samples
  • Change Samples Beyond Recognition
  • Keyboard Mode
  • Mono/Poly Playback
  • Familiar and Fast Cue Point Workflow
  • Process Each Cue Individually

What’s New in Serato Sample 1.2?

  • 32 Pads: We’ve doubled the number of pads from 16 to 32. Which doubles your chances of striking gold using Sample’s Autoset features, like ‘Find Samples’ or ‘Random’.
  • Velocity: There’s now an option to respect a host DAW’s velocity, letting you play expressively with your MIDI keyboard or drum controller.

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $53.9.

Serato Sample

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