Cheerful, silky, and polished vocal, Soundiron “Voice of Wind: Connie” is 30% OFF

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Cheerful, silky, and polished vocal, Soundiron “Voice of Wind: Connie” is 30% OFF.


Voice of Wind: Connie

Voice Of Wind: Connie is the fourth volume in Soundiron’s modular female solo vocal series Voices of Wind.

Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations that sound great and are easy and convenient to use in any music or video production project that comes your way.

This edition focuses on the crisp and spirited mezzo-soprano voice of Connie Doolan. Her cheerful, silky, and polished vocal character effortlessly fuses jazz, cabaret, folk, blues, pop, and musical theater vocal styles.

This 2.88 GB library includes over 3,300 samples, featuring sustain, staccato (8x round-robin), and true legato chromatic articulations for 6 core vowels: Ah, Eh, Ee, Mm, Oh, and Oo. It also includes over a thousand live dynamic, melodic phrases organized by mood, key, and tempo.

This Powered-By-Kontakt Player Edition is supported by version 6 or later of the free Kontakt Player (VST, AU, AAX) and the special “Libraries” rack.

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $76.23.

Voice of Wind: Connie

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