A beautifully crafted Celtic harp sample library, Libre Wave “Michaela’s Harp” is 60% OFF

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A beautifully crafted Celtic harp sample library, Libre Wave “Michaela’s Harp” is 60% OFF.


Michaela’s Harp


The instrument includes normal plucked samples recorded at four dynamic levels.

This is the default articulation and has that quintessential warm resonant sound that is unique to the Celtic harp.

For occasions when it’s desirable to have a little less resonance Libre Wave also recorded a separate set of damped string samples.

To create these Michaela used her hands to damp the strings around the one being plucked.

This provides a rounder sound that tails off a bit more quickly.

Stopped Strings

Some pieces call for the player to stop one or more sounding strings with their hands.

This creates a distinct sound as the vibrating string is brought to an almost instant stop.

Michaela’s Harp includes keyswitchable stopped string samples.

Playable Triplets

Playing quick groups of three notes is a common occurrence in Celtic harp music and is not easy to simulate with individual plucked samples.

The triplet sample set is activated using a key switch and each set of triplet samples are triggered in a round robin fashion allowing you total control of the performance speed without the need for artificial time-stretching.


The library includes a dedicated preset browser from which you can select different factory configurations or create your own personal presets.

The browser contains a search bar and a favourites feature that allows you to quickly access your preferred presets.

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  • Host must support 64bit VST3 or AU
  • AAX (Pro-Tools) is NOT supported
  • Michaela’s Harp is designed to work with the free [Rhapsody Player], no other software is required

Regular price €44 on sale for only €17.

Michaela’s Harp

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