The ultimate cinematic sound design toolbox, Sound Yeti “Collision FX” is 47% OFF

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The ultimate cinematic sound design toolbox, Sound Yeti “Collision FX” is 47% OFF.


Collision FX

“Collision FX” delivers an exceptional palette of sounds to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements.

Perfect for Epic Trailer Music, Hybrid Orchestral Scores and Sound Design, create breathtaking cinematic dynamics, hybrid sound effects and orchestrated elements with ease!

Use it right “out of the box” to create Hits, Risers, Drops, Impacts, Flybys, Textures, Sweeps, Environments, Ambiences, and Instruments.

The sounds are laid out in 234 NKIs, sorted into 6 easy to browse categories:

  • Master Themes (19 NKIs)
  • Environments (85 NKIs)
  • Movement (17 NKIs)
  • Stingers (36 NKIs)
  • Textures (24 NKIs)
  • Tempo Sync Sequences (53 NKIs)

Each sound has been hand crafted and created by expert sound designers, audio engineers and musicians for adding Film and AAA Game Style Cinematic Elements to your mix or score in an instant!

This library is compatible with the free Kontakt Player, no other software is required!

Regular price $207.9 on sale for only $108.9.

Collision FX

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