Transient Shaper Plug-In for Drums, XLN Audio “DS-10 Drum Shaper” is 35% OFF

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Transient Shaper Plug-In for Drums, XLN Audio “DS-10 Drum Shaper” is 35% OFF.


DS-10 Drum Shaper

Enhance your drums, beats, and loops in seconds.

  • Make your drums, beats, and loops sound huge or tight & punchy
  • Shape the attack and sustain of your drums, beats, and loops 
  • Fast and easy workflow
  • Intuitive and clean interface

Awesome mixes. Fast.

Enhance your drums, beats, and loops with the twist of a knob! Get more smack in the attack. More gain in the sustain. Tight and punchy or huge and mighty: DS-10 improves your mixes in any direction. Fast.

Punch with precision.

Get custom treatment for your tracks and mixes. DS-10 Drum Shaper has three modes (Kick, Snare, and Bus) individually tuned and optimized to give you the best sound for the source you want to enhance.

Great, natural sound.

Say goodbye to grainy and unnatural sounding mixes. DS-10’s three different settings give you creative options and provide great sounding results, regardless of what style of mix you’re aiming for.

Add mojo to your mix.

The powerful MOJO knob adds flavor and color just where you need it. It lets you shape the attack and punch in curated frequency bands while leaving others unaffected, opening a world of sonic awesomeness and sound design possibilities.

Regular price $54.95 on sale for only $35.2.

DS-10 Drum Shaper

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