Allowing you to create your own 909 kits within minutes, Niche Audio “Planet 909” is 37% OFF

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Allowing you to create your own 909 kits within minutes, Niche Audio “Planet 909” is 37% OFF.


Planet 909

Most 909 sample packs are unprocessed recordings using variations of the 909s drum tunings and decays.

Others are passively sampled through some kind of analog summing buss, a console, or recorded to analog tape.

These are great and cover a lot of bases for musicians.

However, the vast majority of records made with real 909 drums have processing on them, sometimes huge amounts of EQ and compression have been used on the 909 sounds.

The great thing is, even with copious amounts of processing the909 doesn’t lose its character, on the contrary processing can seriously enhance a 909 in all areas, and of course make it dangerously punchy!

Processing can also make the 909 deep, moody, and oozing with vibe!

At Niche Audio we believe the 909 when processed and abused through the right gear takes its vibe to another level!

We felt such a909 sample collection was missing – a 909 sample pack lovingly created and saturated with vibe and character, along with user flexibility!

That is what we intended…and we believe this collection succeeds in capturing the soul of one of the most legendary analog drum machines ever made, and processed by some of the best boutique hardware around.


Ableton Live 9:

  • 20 Drum Racks
  • 238 Samples

Maschine 2+:

  • 20 Group Kits
  • 238 One Shots

The full version of Maschine 2+ and Ableton Live 9+ are required to run the full contents of this software.

Regular price $31.9 on sale for only $19.8.

Planet 909

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