Allowing you to create any rain sound you want, from heavy rain to a single drop of water, Boom “RAIN” is released. Intro price 20% OFF

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Allowing you to create any rain sound you want, from heavy rain to a single drop of water, Boom “RAIN” is released.

Intro price 20% OFF.



Become the Rainmaker

From single droplets over the softest drizzle to the most heavy downpours. Get it done with RAIN – the ultimate rain generator for sound designers.

Incredibly Complex – Incredibly Easy to Use

With unrivalled control over detailed environmental layers, versatile rainfall simulation and global tone shapers to fine-tune your results, you can finally command the rainfall like never before.

The Creative Power of Rain, in Your Hands

Save yourself a massive amount of time by embracing the simple, interactive sound design workflow of RAIN.

Seamlessly blend your rain sound to the desired context in real time with automation to picture.

Experiment with extremely versatile intensity and density rainfall parameters, ranging from the occasional single droplet to heavy rainforest downpours, vibrant wetland trickles and everything in between.

Weather Any Challenge

In sound design, film production, game development, or any facet of the media industry, RAIN excels at creating lifelike, customizable rain sounds.

Create Rainfall

Quickly create flexible rainfall scenarios with easy-to-use x/y controls. Shape the immensely flexible intensity and density parameters of your rainfall.

Experiment with freely moving the distance of the rainfall from the listener and play with the wetness of the surface, before further altering the overall shape of your simulated rain sound with various tonal parameters.

Adjust the Environment

RAIN can generate a variety of environments for your rainfall from wide open fields, to overgrown forest floors and sprawling urban landscapes, allowing you to fully craft your own unique rain environment.

Start by selecting the type of the surface upon which the rain falls, adjusting the spaciousness of the scene and work with over 50 pre-designed layers to easily find the rain sound you need.

Get Inspired by Scenes

Use built-in scenes for quick and easy rain inspiration.

Be taken on a journey through 26 different RAIN soundscapes, easily modify them for your own requirements or use them as they are for your rainy-day needs.

The Only Rain Plugin You’ll Ever Need

Use RAIN’s selection of carefully crafted synthesis engines simulating rainfall to quickly generate your ideal rain audio requirements and easily fit them into place in real time with automation to picture.

Get the most out of RAIN – your powerful and flexible rainmaker, providing you with your complete rain audio needs.


  • Generate dynamic rainfall for all your audio needs.
  • Shape the rain’s intensity, density, wetness, distance, background, space, and surface settings.
  • Adjust the rainfall and the environment easily with x/y controls.
  • Complete with over 50 pre-designed environment layers.
  • Get inspired by 26 ready-to-go rainfall scenes.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface with built-in adjustable global settings.

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