[Free for a Limited Time] Offers easy tone shaping & character for individual tracks, Pulsar Audio “W495” is available for free

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Offers easy tone shaping & character for individual tracks, Pulsar Audio “W495” is available for free.



Neumann W495 EQs were used to master 90% of the vinyl records manufactured from the 1970s to the 1990s.

But even after this golden age,many mastering engineers still love this EQ. Why? The W495 has wide equalization curves that can be pushed to ridiculous levels while remaining musical.

W495 offers easy tone shaping & character for individual tracks, and elevates an entire mix with enhanced presence and depth.

To take Pulsar W495 a step further, Pulsar Audio added the functionality you’d expect from a modern plugin.

You’ll find an on-screen curve editor, Auto Gain, Mid/Side selection per band, comprehensive digital metering and more.

From channel EQ to mastering EQ, Pulsar W495 is an easy-to-use powerful tone shaper, faithfully emulated from an iconic 3 band EQ.


Visual Curve Editing

Controls in the curve editor correspond to the Gain, Frequency and Q values of the hardware-style knobs below, and give contrinuous selection of frequencies, gains and filter widths. Keyboard modifiers make it quick to achieve the settings you need.

Mid-Side processing

Each band can be used on the entire stereo signal, or switched into operating with a single focus: the Mid signal only, to process mono, central information; or the Side signal only, to process stereo, non-central information.


Some things can’t be done with just bells and shelves. Pulsar Audio have added a complex 6-pole tilt filter to adjust the tonal balance of your whole mix in a natural and analog-style way with a single knob.

Metering & Spectrum analyser

Pulsar W495 gives you the convenience of digital insight, with RMS, Peak, and Peak Hold metering for both channels. The spectrum analyzer can run in Fast or Slow modes for short- or medium-term spectrum visualization, and can be set to Infinite mode for a long-term integrated reading.

Shelf & Bell filters

The control rack is organized into three main sections, corresponding to the three different EQ bands (low-shelf filter, parametric bell filter, and high-shelf filter). For authenticity, the controls can eb stepped to a restricted set of values.


Compensate for the overall level change applied to the signal between entering and exiting the EQ. This function means you won’t need to balance the signal after making changes, and the output level will be reliably close to the input level.

Presets from top-notch producers

Pulsar Audio are fortunate to have the support and collaboration of countless talented engineers and producers. You can take full advantage of their expertise with presets that offer superb starting points for your mixing or mastering sessions.

Smart GUI

With fast and effective keyboard modifiers, you’re never too far from where you want to be and the changes you want to make. The GUI can be focused to just rack or curve views, and the whole interface can be resized freely between 67% and 200%.

Normal price is $53.9.


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