Based on the classic Altec 1567A tube mixer, Soundtoys “Radiator” is 60% OFF

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Based on the classic Altec 1567A tube mixer, Soundtoys “Radiator” is 60% OFF.



Introducing Radiator, a dual drive tube input channel and EQ, based on the classic Altec 1567A tube mixer from the 1960s.

The original Altec 1567A hardware was a rack-mounted five-input tube mixer with removable transformers, a simple two-knob EQ, an unmistakable green faceplate, and a whopping 97 dB of gain.

The sound, by today’s standards, is coloured and gritty, with a heaping helping of good old-fashioned hardware noise.

In its day, it was used on many early Motown hits and found its way into the PA racks of countless churches and school auditoriums across the USA.

  • Analog modelled tube mixer with EQ
  • Independent input and output amplification stages each add their own character
  • Bring the sound of a Motown era classic to your DAW
  • Load the transformers two different ways with the Mic/Line switch for different sounds

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $42.9.


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