With sought-after guitar and bass amps, studio effects, and pedals, Native Instruments “Guitar Rig 7 Pro” is 24% OFF

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With sought-after guitar and bass amps, studio effects, and pedals, Native Instruments “Guitar Rig 7 Pro” is 24% OFF.


Guitar Rig 7 Pro

The Creative Effects Playground

Guitar Rig 7 Pro is so much more than realistic guitar tones. It’s an inspiration suite filled with sought-after guitar and bass amps, studio effects, and pedals.

Mix and match modules to sculpt your own tones, or spark your creativity with over 100 new rack presets.

Add analog flavor with four new lo-fi components, perfect for adding texture and warmth to any track.

Explore fresh amp and pedal additions powered by machine learning (ICM) and easy-to-use processing tools that open up endless possibilities for jamming, producing, and getting lost in experimentation.

What’s New In Guitar Rig 7 Pro?

Better For Your Back

Guitar Rig 7 Pro packs four new amp models with matching cabinet modules to inspire your sound, each with Impulse Responses from Ownhammer and 3 Sigma Audio, and a “direct” to “room” slider. All amps are faithfully recreated from their analog originals with our ICM technology.

  • The Super Fast 100 is a legendary 100W all-tube amp that defined the sound of modern rock with its shiny cleans, creamy leads, and high-gain sounds.
  • The Reverb Delight is a timeless classic from the mid-60s, used on countless hits, and regarded as one of the most essential workhorse guitar amps ever made.
  • The Bass Rage, an iconic all-tube bass amp that delivers 300 watts of classic bass tone, is designed for players who are looking for a vintage tube sound for low-end frequencies. 
  • The AC Box XV, modeled after a legendary 60s tube amp renowned for its clean tone and gritty breakup, features a meticulously designed “point-to-point”, hand-wired chassis produced in the UK. This two-channel tone monster shaped the sound of Liverpool.

Customize Your Sound 

Guitar Rig 7 Pro comes with a Cabinet Impulse Response Loader that can be used with any of your favorite IRs to emulate the acoustics of cabinets, bringing depth and realism to your guitar sound. The factory library includes IRs by 3 Sigma Audio, Bogren Digital, cabIR, Kohle Audio Kult, and Lancaster Audio.

Stay Inspired

Guitar Rig 7 Pro goes beyond guitars and basses, offering inspiration to all producers and sound designers with new effects

  • Noise Machine is a lo-fi effect that creates various noises inspired by classic gear like cassette tapes, VHS tapes, electrical hum, and vinyl. Each noise is derived from a short recording, and the playback algorithm seamlessly extends it without sounding looped.
  • Vintage Vibrato recreates the chorus/vibrato sections of a vintage rock organ: a rare and sought after circuit.
  • Tape Wobble emulates the “warbling” effect from improperly adjusted analog tape machines, providing an easy way for the user to achieve a classic lo-fi effect: especially on sustained notes, pads, and melodic content.
  • Get inspired with over 100 new rack presets, from high-gain patches to lo-fi chains for guitar and beyond.
  • We added a real-time version of the Ozone Maximizer from our friends at iZotope to Guitar Rig 7 Pro, providing a powerful limiter for enhancing the dynamics and overall loudness of your guitar tracks. 

Get Into The Groove

Fuel your creative fire with the new Loop Machine Pro. Jam along to your favorite tracks, create captivating loops, layer ideas, and elevate live shows. Loop Machine Pro makes Guitar Rig 7 Pro a serious performance machine.

Stomp Your Mark

Guitar Rig 7 Pro comes with five new ICM-based virtual effects pedals to fuel your creativity:

  • Kolor adds character to tracks using black-box models of popular hardware distortion circuits, including two iZotope Trash algorithms, building layers of texture that make your music truly stand out.
  • Seattle Fuzz is a distortion device emulating the beloved pedal of a legendary producer from the grunge era, capturing its room-rattling sound while offering a streamlined two-knob layout.
  • Are you a fan of early 90s Swedish death metal? Then Chainsaw is the pedal for you. Just dial all the controls clockwise, and you’ll be transported to the Stockholm metal scene.
  • The IVP Stomp is a compact re-interpretation of the Instrument Voicing Preamp, a cult classic and long-discontinued rack mount preamplifier. The IVP is best known for its distinctively clangy tone and harsh attack at high treble settings.
  • Skreamer Deluxe is a legendary green overdrive pedal that creates beautiful crunch sounds, helps high-gain amps tame the low end, and adds punch. 

Additional Enhancements In Guitar Rig 7 Pro

  • New sidebar
  • Effortlessly visualize and modify your effects chain with the new signal flow feature. This streamlined workflow lets you quickly grasp even complicated signal routings at a glance, meaning you can rearrange and fine-tune your sound with ease. 
  • Context help in Guitar Rig 7 Pro allows for a seamless learning curve. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this tool is your guiding light with relevant tips and insights that support your creative journey. This guidance doesn’t just help you learn; it sparks new ideas and techniques, giving your creativity the boost it needs to reach new heights.

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