Granular effect plug-in, Output “PORTAL” is 50% OFF

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Granular effect plug-in, Output “PORTAL” is 50% OFF.



It’s a new kind of effects pedal that transforms any audio input – drums, vocals, live guitar, etc. – in a musical way, taking granular synthesis one step further and delivering results that are more closely related to the original input.

Until now, many granular synthesis effects have been chaotic and unwieldy, but with an easy to understand interface, it is possible to create dynamic sounds while maintaining the texture of the original sound.

  • 250+ presets for immediate playability
  • A circular visualizer linked to granular parameters
  • Powerful time manipulation engine
  • Tempo-synced grain delay
  • Musical scale-based pitch modulation
  • 7 built-in FX with an additional master compressor and filter
  • Value readout panel for better understanding of controls
  • Favoriting feature in Presets menu
  • Built-in Tool Tips on Advanced page

Regular price $163.9 on sale for only $82.5.

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