4-band enhancer plugin, MIA Laboratories “358 Enhancer MKII” is 51% OFF

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4-band enhancer plugin, MIA Laboratories “358 Enhancer MKII” is 51% OFF.


358 Enhancer MKII

The 358 Enhancer MKII is the second generation of MIA Laboratories’ single-stage, straight-path audio enhancer process, allowing control of the Low, Mid-Low, Mid-High and High-frequency balance on the master, as well as on individual tracks.

At its core, 358 MkII utilizes multiband phase processing, as well as a sidechain detection stage based on the basic analog envelope detector circuit.

It can be used in many applications requiring from slight to more drastic frequency balance correction.

This unit can be of great help when there is a need to liven up a mix, and make it feel more natural.

Its’ process facilitates the creation of round, solid subs, punchy mid-lows, rich mid-highs, and sensational highs.

Its characteristic sound stems from its design, since the mix itself essentially boosts its frequency content according to its dynamic response.

Unlike a conventional EQ or filter, the 358 MkII uses internal multiband phase processing, resulting in a more dynamic, realistic frequency content.

The four main controls allow for precise control of the constructive (boost) process. The crossover frequencies can also be tuned according to your needs and are -by default- set at the classic 150Hz, 400Hz, and 2.4KHz.

The 358 Enhancer features a single-stage, ‘straight-path’ process, allowing control of the bass/treble frequency balance of a stereo mix or mono channel, with:

  • Internal multiband phase processing, for more dynamic, realistic frequency content
  • Detection stage based on the analog envelope detector circuit
  • Tunable crossover frequencies

Regular price $79 on sale for only $39.

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