Lush surround reverbs with advanced control, iZotope “Symphony” is 51% OFF

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Lush surround reverbs with advanced control, iZotope “Symphony” is 51% OFF.



A lush, colourful reverb engine gets a multichannel upgrade in Symphony.

Offering support for up to 7.1 surround, Symphony delivers a rich, character-filled reverb tone for any music or post-production project.

With channel-specific Balance controls and an expanded Warp section with Compression and Overdrive modules, Symphony takes the creative power of R2 Surround and R4 and pushes it even further.

Distinct, Sprawling Multi-Channel Reflections

Symphony represents the pinnacle of Exponential Audio reverb processing.

This character reverb engine is the complete solution for crafting distinct, captivating spatial effects for multichannel music or post projects.

With independent parameter modules for the Attack, Early Reflections and Tail of your reverb signal, plus channel-specific Balance controls and creative modulation and dynamics effects, Symphony lets you get the absolute most out of your mix’s reverb.

Stretch Time with Freeze

With the ability to create ambient textures and pads via the Freeze function, Symphony is not your average reverb plug-in.

Freeze captures a moment of reverb in time and extends it indefinitely, making it a great tool for creating drones and textural effects.

Overdrive and Compression Modules via Warp

Symphony comes with Warp tools to bring out specific resonances in your music’s reflections and maximize the overall reverb signal.

When used in conjunction with Reverb Freeze, you can create nearly limitless original spatial effects for your music.

Expanded Controls for Creative Precision

Tail Suppression and Recovery ensure that Symphony’s reflections won’t overcrowd your mix or obscure any original audio.

Use the Balance module for the channel-specific delay and level controls to decide when and where your audience hears the reverb in your mix.

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