Featuring FM electric piano and other sounds reminiscent of the 90s, Karanyi Sounds “Vapor Keys” is 55% OFF

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Featuring FM electric piano and other sounds reminiscent of the 90s, Karanyi Sounds “Vapor Keys” is 55% OFF.


Vapor Keys

Timeless Dreams

Vapor Keys Enhanced Edition brings the iconic sounds of the 90s into the modern era!

Design classic and modern FM synths, create sweet, lush melodies or dark, moody soundscapes with ease.

Equipped with Karanyi’s latest effect modules and smart randomiser system!

Hypnagogic Vibes

Vapor Keys is the ultimate blend of classic and modern sounds inspired by the 90s.

The instrument combines custom electric pianos and a variety of synth sounds to create bold, unique tones with 23 accurately sampled FM and wavetable synth patches.

This Enhanced Edition is a reimagined version of the legacy release only available for Kontakt.

Brand-new features, improved performance, an intuitive interface, and new effects for maximum creativity!

Mix and Match

Design your own keys with Vapor Keys! This sample library offers a powerful 2+1 layer synth engine, allowing you to select and mix traditional electric key sounds with 13 additional synth sublayers for added spice.

Plus, you can add a VHS-like WOW modulation effect for even more creative possibilities.

Echoes from Olympus

The Ethos reverb is another exciting addition to Vapor Keys, featuring 24 algorithms designed to transform your sounds into cinematic and ambient masterpieces.

Create a lush soundscape or add depth to your tracks. Its versatile algorithms are perfect for various musical genres, from dreamy ambient music to epic soundtracks.

Brain to Another Dimension

Introducing the Dimension MK2, a new DSP effect with 19 algorithms explicitly designed for Vapor Keys!

Inspired by classic hardware units such as the Roland Dimension D and Eventide Blackhole, it offers choruses, echoes, phasers, and more to widen, twist, or transform your sounds with an authentic retro or modern flavor.

Smart Randomizer: Happy Accidents

Vapor Keys includes Karanyi Sounds’ Smart Random Controls, enabling you to create new and unique sounds quickly.

These controls let you easily generate random variations by adjusting parameters such as pathces, effects and envelopes.

Smart Random Controls open up new and unexpected sonic possibilities, making the creative process more enjoyable and inspiring.

Authentic Sounds

Vapor Keys has 29 custom electric piano and wavetable synth patches, featuring iconic instruments like Yamaha DX7 and Arturia MicroFreak.

They were recorded with a Neve 1073 Preamp, Roland Dimension D, Studer A800, and Eventide Blackhole/Lexicon 224 effect processors to achieve ultimate, fresh sounds.

  • 40+ Factory presets
  • Studio-grade sounds from legendary instruments
  • 3 sound layers for enhanced sound design
  • Streamlined set of controls (all MIDI-learnable) including:
  • Volme ADSR
  • Sound layer controls: volume, fine tune, octave, tone eq
  • Modulators: Tremolo; Wow
  • Main Gain
  • Effect rack including:
  • Vapor Dimension MK2 – 19 DSP algorithms explicitly designed for Vapor Keys
  • Ethos – 24 lush reverb algorithms designed to transform your sounds into cinematic and ambient masterpieces.
  • Effect presets for easy dial-in
  • Dry/wet knobs for smoother mix
  • In/Out Gain for each effect
  • Our Smart Randomizer technology, including:
  • Random instrument sources (Modules)
  • Random Sound controls (ADSR, modulators, etc.)
  • Random effects (2 FX modules separately)
  • Surprise (Smart Random All)

Regular price $49 on sale for only $22.

Vapor Keys ( Karanyi Sounds )

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