Featuring over 300 presets and impulse responses, iZotope “Trash” is released. Intro price 20% OFF

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Featuring over 300 presets and impulse responses, iZotope “Trash” is released.

Intro price 20% OFF.



Iconic distortion is back

Trash’s iconic distortion engine is back by popular demand.

Mangle and transform your sound with this inspiring new plugin, featuring over 300 presets and impulse responses.

Overcome creative blocks with a roll of the dice, randomly selecting unique combinations.

Blend up to four distortion settings with the Trash module and up to four impulse responses with the Convolve module.

Shape specific parts of your audio by splitting it into frequency bands of your choice.

Add movement and depth with the Envelope Follower, and sprinkle some extra chaos with the Scream Filter.

Embrace imperfection, and practice the art of distortion with Trash.

The joy of breaking things

Take your sound in new warped directions or just have fun mashing things up with over 60 distortion presets.

Trash’s namesake module lets you blend together up to four different distortion settings with its intuitive XY pad. Plus, modulate your distortion for added dynamics and movement.

Space simulation

Twist things even further by sending your audio into another space.

The Convolve module simulates the acoustics of over 300 spaces and objects, including speakers, clock radios, plexiglass tubes, piano cabinets, and tin cans.

Plus, Trash’s Impulse Response Loader means you can add your own files and emulate anything you like.

Blend together and experiment with up to four different impulse responses at once.

Distort across the spectrum

Shape specific parts of your audio by splitting it into low, mid, and high frequency bands.

You can add a little distortion to just one part of the spectrum, or go wild and mess everything up.

Add growl to the mid-range of a bass guitar, pulverize the low end of a boring drum break, give your vocal highs some bite, or whatever you want.

Dynamic distortion

Spice up boring loops with Trash’s dynamic distortion capabilities, allowing you to create sounds that blend through one another.

Discover sounds you never thought were possible with this innovative Envelope Follower.

Blend it up

Apply Trash and Convolve to your full mix, or blend both effects in and out across three frequency bands.

Want to distort the bass, run the top end through an old radio, and completely crush the mids? We’ve got you covered.

Embrace the unexpected

Spark new ideas with the roll of the dice.

Let chance take you in new directions by randomly selecting from over 300 presets, changing the settings of both Trash and Convolve XY pads, or picking a specific corner from the multitude of Trash and Convolve sounds.


Add even more chaos and color to your sound with this self-oscillating low pass filter. It screams – if you want it to.

Keep it down

No need to worry about blowing your speakers. Trash takes care of output levels for you with intelligent autogain and limiter settings.


Switch the order of the Trash and Convolve modules in the signal chain for each frequency band and experiment with endless combinations of distortion and spatial effects.

Intuitive interface

Trash’s new user interface has been redesigned to be as easy-to-use as possible. Everything’s on one screen, so you can play, experiment, and stay in the flow without menu diving.

Regular price $99 on sale for only $79.

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