A cultish 1982 analogue synth that looked like a toy but sounded like a beast, Baby Audio “BA-1” is 50% OFF

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A cultish 1982 analogue synth that looked like a toy but sounded like a beast, Baby Audio “BA-1” is 50% OFF.



A Synth With A Soul

BA-1 is Baby Audio’s modern re-imagination of a cultish 1982 analogue synth that looked like a toy but sounded like a beast.

It brings you pure and authentic textures that are fast to program and dripping with colour.


  • 4 Color Options – After long hours in the studio it can be nice to see something new. BA-1 lets you switch between grey, blue, purple and orange colour modes to keep things fresh. Click right here on the coloured squares to preview the options.
  • 500+ High-Quality Presets – BA-1 comes with a ton of new musical inspiration in the form of 500+ carefully crafted presets. This includes 4 genre-based expansion packs created by some of Baby Audio’s favourite sound designers. Whether you’re into synth-wave, modern pop, lo-fi hip hop or 80s / 90s nostalgia, Baby Audio has got you covered.
  • Oscillator Section – The sound generators are the heart and soul of BA-1. Meticulously modelled to offer the raw grit and drift that made the original hardware so beloved. The triangle and PWM waveforms are particular highlights if
  • you want a classic 80s dub sound. A second oscillator has been added in BA-1 – compared to the original – for more flexible sound design options.
  • FM – FM adds complexity and depth to the classic analogue subtractive architecture, giving you more sound design options. Dial in the FM – oscillator either an octave above or below Oscillator 1 to add some plasticky 80s texture.
  • Filter Section – Analog-modeled and nicely rounded 24dB low-pass filter. The resonance offers a gritty bite and will start to self-oscillate when pushed towards the 95-100% range – just like the real hardware.
  • Envelope Section – The envelope lets you shape the sound with the same quirky side effects as in the original hardware. Additionally, Baby Audio has added the option to host-sync the attack time to your DAW’s BPM. This allows for sweeping sounds that rise in perfect sync with your music.
  • Settings – Switch between Mono and Poly mode (the original hardware was Mono only). Turn Velocity Sensitivity on or off. Open the Midi Settings. Or reset BA-1 to its initial state.
  • LFO Section – A simple LFO that is easy to utilize and hard to mess up – like the original. Baby Audio have added the possibility to sync the LFO to the host BPM for more modern applications. Furthermore, the LFO section hides one of BA-1’s many easter eggs: Click the “Target” label to find it.
  • Sidechain – Synths sound better when they ‘move with the mix’. That’s what the Sidechain feature is for. It can work in ‘External’ or ‘Internal’ mode. By default, Sidechain is set to ‘Internal’ and will create an automatic 4/4 ducking pattern synced to your host tempo. This can be dialled in to taste. Click the ‘Routing’ label to switch to ‘External’ mode and duck BA-1 when a sidechain input is present. Place the sidechain either before or after the FX section by clicking the routing switch.
  • Tone + Drive – BA-1’s FX section would be worthy of its own retro-colour plugin. It is inspired by cheap 1980s rack effects and guitar pedals. ‘Tone’ offers two shelving filters to easily make BA-1’s character darker or brighter. ‘Drive’ adds gritty analogue-modelled distortion and has two modes: ‘Circuit’ models the effect of circuit bending the original hardware, while ‘OD’ models an 80s overdrive pedal.
  • Delay + Reverb + Chorus – The grainy digital delay, reverb and chorus combo is THE sound of the 1980s! Baby Audio has recreated this epic FX combo in BA-1 – modelled after budget rack hardware from the era. Engage all three effects at once and you’ll have a hard time programming a dull-sounding patch.
  • Battery – The original synth could be powered by batteries. But they never lasted long – and weird sonic artefacts were introduced as the power deteriorated. Baby Audio modelled this behaviour and exaggerated it slightly for a better effect. Drain the battery to achieve pitch fluctuations, noise and distortion the further down you go.
  • Speaker – Sometimes a mix needs some ‘moving air’ to come alive. While the original hardware’s speaker was by no means high quality, it had a quirky and pleasant lo-fi vibe. Baby Audio modelled it in all its rough glory. When using BA-1, you can click the speaker button to switch from line to speaker output.
  • Re-Gen – Creates new and unique patches with every click. Unlike a regular randomizer, Re-Gen hosts a smart algorithm, calibrated to come up with usable and musical presets on the fly. When you’re stuck for inspiration, click Re-Gen and let it take you in a new direction.
  • Resize – BA-1’s plugin window can be fully resized.

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $53.9.

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