Realistic surround reverbs with advanced control, iZotope “Stratus” is 48% OFF

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Realistic surround reverbs with advanced control, iZotope “Stratus” is 48% OFF.



Create natural surround environments for your mixes with unrivalled reverb clarity using Stratus.

With up to 7.1 surround support, over 1,700 presets, and familiar, intelligent controls over every channel, get just the right amount of depth and dimension in any post-production job.

Depth and Clarity for Complex Channel Configurations

Stratus’s clear and realistic reverb algorithm brings a crisp, authentic dimension to any post-production session in surround formats up to 7.1.

Refine your tone with ease and precision using Stratus’s thorough, channel-specific timbre and timing controls to create the perfect atmosphere for your next project.

Versatile, Comprehensive Surround Support

With support for up to 7.1 channels, Stratus is right at home in any industry-standard surround workflow.

Generate clean, articulate rooms for dialogue mixing, or capitalize on the multichannel capabilities for wide, deep reflections.

Detailed Gain and Filter Parameters

Comprehensive controls let you decide which parts of your reverb are most present.

Control the tone and depth of your reverb on every level with independent EQ filters for the input, early reflections, and tail.

Channel-Specific Delay and Level Controls

By specifying placement and timing of the reflections in each channel with the Balance module, Stratus helps you craft the most compelling, realistic sound environment for your audience.

Regular price $108.9 on sale for only $56.1.

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