A chieving the warm, rich sound of vintage analog tape, Tone Empire “TM700 V2” is 40% OFF

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A chieving the warm, rich sound of vintage analog tape, Tone Empire “TM700 V2” is 40% OFF.


TM700 V2

The Sound Of Tape And Nothing Else

Introducing the A.I./Machine Learning Sampled and Modeled Tape Machine plugin – the ultimate tool for achieving the warm, rich sound of vintage analog tape.

Experience the lush, harmonically rich, and authentic sound of tape with ease, right from your DAW.

This A.I.-modeled plugin provides intuitive controls for adjusting the amount of saturation and compression combined, allowing you to dial in the perfect amount of warmth and character for your mix.

What Does It Do?

With its cutting-edge technology, this plugin captures the essence of real tape, reproducing its softening of transients and pleasant-sounding saturation and compression.

Tone Empire’s Machine Learning algorithms have meticulously sampled and modeled every aspect of analog tape, from its frequency response to its unique distortion/compression characteristics.

The result is a plugin that delivers the warm, natural sound that is so highly sought after in today’s digital age.

Whether you’re working on a full-scale production or a small bedroom recording, the Machine Learning Sampled and Modeled Tape Machine plugin has got you covered.

It’s an essential tool for any producer, musician, or engineer looking to add that classic analog sound to their recordings.

Tone Empire used a famous Vintage American 2 Track 1/4 inch Tape Machine with the SM9 Tape Formulation for modeling.

They feature 2 unique Bias settings as well as fast (15ips) and slow (7.5 ips) tape speeds and also a unique 2-track mode.

This mode recreates a true stereo 2-track image which brings in characteristics such as sonic differences between the 2 channels as well as crosstalk between the channels.


  • Sampled at 192 kHz, the model upsamples and runs at 192k.
  • Authentic Tape compression and saturation
  • Great on almost any material and entire mixes
  • True Stereo 2 Track Imaging
  • Incredible sound!
  • Auto Gain
  • Ultra-x mode

Regular price $53.9 on sale for only $31.9.

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