Replicate the unique charm of lo-fi music through controlled volume modulations, Yum Audio “Lofi Drifter” is 50% OFF

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Replicate the unique charm of lo-fi music through controlled volume modulations, Yum Audio “Lofi Drifter” is 50% OFF.


Lofi Drifter

Revive Your Sound with Timeless Motion

LoFi – Drifter is a specialized audio plugin crafted to replicate the unique charm of lo-fi music through controlled volume modulations.

This plugin captures the essence of vintage sound mediums like cassettes by providing random volume movements that are essential to the lo-fi aesthetic.

Drifter is versatile, ideal for adding texture and color to any track, whether you’re aiming for subtle atmospheric nuances or prominent, warped LoFi effects.

Drifter’s three distinct modes offer unique patterns of volume dynamics to craft a distinctive sonic character with a vintage touch.

This plugin is your gateway to creating soundscapes that resonate with the warmth and texture of bygone technology, adding depth and history to your audio.

Ripple Mode

Inspired by the nostalgic charm of old cassette tapes, Ripple mode infuses your music with fast and random rhythmic volume fluctuations.

Adjust the intensity and pattern to turn stagnant sounds into vibrant, dynamic textures, reminiscent of the classic cassette era.

Inject motion into static compositions with Drift Mode, perfect for crafting expansive, dreamy soundscapes.

This mode specializes in slow, deliberate volume shifts.

Use it to imbue tracks with a gentle, flowing essence or increase the width control for an immersive, space-filling experience, introducing an organic, auto-panning effect that enriches your sound with depth and character.

Dropout Mode

Emulate the unpredictable volume cuts of old tapes and add a touch of historical authenticity with Dropout Mode.

Either reduce your sound subtly, creating a constantly engaging point of interest, or turn up the amount for more pronounced cutouts, achieving a distinctive lo-fi charm.


  • Authentic Lo-Fi Feel with Analog-Modeled Volume Modulations.
  • Three Distinct Movement Generators: Ripple, Drift, Dropout
  • Ripple Creates Rapid, Rhythmic Movements, Emulating Cassette and Vinyl.
  • Drift Delivers Fluid, Dreamy Volume Oscillations Over Time.
  • Dropout Introduces Random, Vintage Tape Volume Reductions.
  • Four Unique Modes Tailored for Each Movement Generator.
  • Advanced Stereo Algorithm: Expansive Movement in Drift and Ripple.
  • Analog-Modeled Noise, Adding Depth and Adapting to the Sound Real-Time.
  • Oscilloscope Gives Visual Insight into Tape Movement.onus: 
  • Comes with 73 Presets by the amazing artists such as Jacknife Lee, M-Phazes, Konrad OldMoney, Reuven Amiel, Christal Jerez and more.

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