Adding the rich and beautiful tones of Qanun to your music, Triple A Audio “Folk Noir: Qanun” is released. Intro price 20% OFF

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Adding the rich and beautiful tones of Qanun to your music, Triple A Audio “Folk Noir: Qanun” is released.

Intro price 20% OFF.


Folk Noir: Qanun

Explore the world of music like never before. Add the rich, beautiful tones of Triple A Audio’s deeply sampled Qanun to your music.

The Qanun goes as far back as music itself. Played in the courts of Assyria and written about by ancient Greek historians, it’s still in play today across the Middle East and beyond.

As it’s one of the first instruments in play today to emerge in history, it’s only natural that Triple A Audio picked it as their first instrument to release.

Sampled and presented for you here is the Armenian Qanun in its truest digital form; hand-made in a small village in Armenia in the Southern Caucasus.

Made of wood with an animal skin-covered base, it has metal levers and wooden tuning pegs to alter the pitch of the note and can play a range of up to 3 and a half octaves.

The player wears a silver thimble and a pick made of bull horns on both index fingers.

The Armenian Qanun has an entirely different structure and sound than the other variants of the instrument.

It is the only instrument sharing the name to have two diatonic levers, with reference mandals placed at equidistant half-tones (Arabic Qanuns, on the other hand, use quarter-tones, and Turkish models going further).

This gives the Armenian Qanun an equal temperament that extends the musical range of the instrument beyond the mughams of the Middle East onto Western-style concertos, symphonies and even jazz.

Besides its exotic merits, the Qanun can serve as a replacement for piano and harp in traditional arrangements.

Bring a touch of uniqueness and mystery to your cinematic arrangements or indulge in Middle Eastern flavors with the Qanun at the front.

A Delicate Touch

This Qanun is deeply sampled using 2 mics, catching every pristine pluck by Mayranush with her bullhorn pick in delicate perfection.

With up to 5 round robins and 5 velocity layers on each of the 8 articulations, the Triple A Audio team are positive that you’ve never heard a Qanun this beautifully or professionally recorded.

Requires Kontakt 6 Full Retail – Latest Version.

Regular price $45 on sale for only $87.99.

Folk Noir: Qanun ( Plugin Boutique )

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