Perceived loudness plugin, MIA Laboratories “Super Muscle” is 48% OFF

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Perceived loudness plugin, MIA Laboratories “Super Muscle” is 48% OFF.


Super Muscle

A unique combination of the Musiqual EQs, with a final magic touch of Pi&Phi that sets you “One knob away” from your desired outcome!

Following the great success of their ancestors MIA Fat, Thin and Muscle, MIA added some of the Pi & Phi magic, a bit of extra fine-tuning and we created the Super Fat, Super Thin, and Super Muscle plugins.

  • One knob away from your desired outcome!
  • Add to taste – You can’t go wrong!
  • Great for mixing, mastering and live PA use.
  • Gives more presence to the sound.
  • Increases perceived loudness and presence without compression.
  • Recommended for low loudness files such as MP3s.

Regular price $29 on sale for only $15.

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