A forward-thinking drum machine driven by a diverse and creative library, Wave Alchemy “Triaz” is 38% OFF

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A forward-thinking drum machine driven by a diverse and creative library, Wave Alchemy “Triaz” is 38% OFF.



With lightning-fast polyrhythmic sequencing, advanced drum layering, dynamic mixing tools, and intelligent randomization, Triaz redefines the art of drum production.

Experience beat making like never before with per-step parameter modulation.

Dive deep into a vast sonic landscape with 700+ presets and 15,000 meticulously designed drums.

Effortlessly import and organize your own samples and export your creations via Audio and MIDI at the speed of inspiration.

Available now as a native AU, VST3 and AAX plugin for macOS and Windows.

  • 15,000 meticulously crafted drum samples covering a huge range of styles
  • 700+ production-ready presets spanning 18 modern genres. Preview beats on the fly, build your own playlists, randomize, and more
  • Effortlessly Import & organize your own samples with automatic categorization
  • Instantly generate brand new beats and kits with a single click using Triaz’s intelligent Drum Randomizer
  • Create entirely new drum sounds effortlessly using Triaz’s unique, visual approach to drum layering
  • Create ever-evolving beats using intuitive visual polyrhythmic sequencing with independent playback rate, swing, and step-length per lane. Go further with pitch, probabilistic chance, repeats, and note offset, per step
  • Creatively sequence and modulate parameters in sync with your beat using Triaz’s innovative motion sequencer
  • Export your beats with unrivalled flexibility. Effortless drag and drop audio stems, full mixes or MIDI directly into your DAW for further tweaking
  • Introduce organic movement and humanized timing to your beats with sequencer humanization
  • Get creative with multi-mode filters, envelopes, distortion, LFO’s, modulation, reverse, random panning, start position, and more. All available per layer
  • Use slop to add humanization to each drum hit by subtly randomising volume, tuning, start position and filter cutoff
  • Powerful channel FX include a visual tilt EQ, punchy mastering-grade compressor and a creative channel strip featuring a transient shaper, OTT maximiser, stereo widener, analog modelled saturation and an emulation of the iconic SP-1200 sampler’s tuning, bit-crushing and sample rate reduction circuitry
  • Professionally master your drums with exceptional clarity and loudness. Triaz’s master FX features a four-band mid/side EQ, an analog inspired bus compressor and a powerful maximizer featuring multi-mode saturation, characterful noise layering, an OTT style multi-band exciter, a dynamic modern limiter and a transparent hard clipper fined tuned for drums
  • Play any sound over a 2-octave range of pitch to create musical percussive rhythms, pitched tom fills or anything in-between
  • Record into Triaz’s sequencer in real time using a metronome and choose whether to quantize or keep the nuances of an unquantized performance
  • A creative effects suite features a lush algorithmic reverb, an analogue-style delay, and a convolution reverb boasting 350 impulses captured from some of the best hardware reverbs and acoustic spaces in existence
  • Easy to use multi-output support with customizable routing and mapping
  • Dedicated visual Mixer with individual volume control, pan, and effects sends for each channel
  • Save / load / swap entire drum channels whilst keeping your sequence intact
  • Host automate any selected parameter
  • Resizable high-definition UI
  • Undo and Redo parameter changes

Regular price $178.2 on sale for only $108.9.

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