Achieve an animated soundscape and surreal vibration, UJAM “Finisher DYNAMO” is 50% OFF

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Achieve an animated soundscape and surreal vibration, UJAM “Finisher DYNAMO” is 50% OFF.


Finisher DYNAMO

With Finisher DYNAMO you embark on a journey through animated soundscapes and surreal vibes beyond the realm of the ordinary.

Every Finisher FX plug-in is designed to deliver the power and flexibility of a full rack of audio processors and effects with the instant gratification that UJAM products are famous for.

  • 50 versatile multi-effect modes
  • 290+ presets pre-categorized to maximize workflow and productivity
  • 5-pattern rhythm selector, tone control and 2 variable FX controls 

Finisher DYNAMO comes with 50 carefully designed audio effect configurations built from 27 different algorithms – from Step Filters to Multiband Distortion, from simple Delays to Convolution Reverb and many more!

The five categories of Modes in DYNAMO were programmed with specific use-cases in mind.

Just pick a preset from a category and fine-tune to your delight…

  • Remix – Designed to be used on full tracks and mixes for immediate remixing potential
  • Solo – Optimized for use on basses and other single-voiced sounds
  • Rhythm – Optimized for use on drums and percussion
  • Sustain – Optimized for use on pads and sounds that are rhythmically static
  • Vocal – Generate vocal chops and glitches from your own vocal tracks

Regular price $86.9 on sale for only $42.9.

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