Channel Strip Plug-in, PSP Audioware “PSP InfiniStrip” is 50% OFF

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Channel Strip Plug-in, PSP Audioware “PSP InfiniStrip” is 50% OFF.


PSP InfiniStrip

PSP InfiniStrip is an infinitely configurable channel strip plug-in based on 20 years of experience in developing handcrafted plug-ins for tracking, mixing and mastering.

PSP InfiniStrip can be used for mixing, tracking or live streaming/broadcasting anywhere you need a great sounding and easy to configure channel strip, without having to worry about latency!

You can configure PSP InfiniStrip with whatever modules you need and track through them with confidence that the plug-in isn’t adding any latency at all to your recorded signal! Zero Latency.

ReactivEQ – a specialized filter that acts as a type of dynamic equalizer.

Regular price $218.9 on sale for only $108.9.

PSP InfiniStrip ( Plugin Boutique )

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