Mastering processor the unit no serious mastering engineer can do without, Softube “Weiss DS1-MK3” is 50% OFF

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Mastering processor the unit no serious mastering engineer can do without, Softube “Weiss DS1-MK3” is 50% OFF.


Weiss DS1-MK3

The actual machine is a high-end machine with a mastering processor that costs more than $ 9,600, and is a plug-in that completely ported the algorithm of the actual machine.

It has been a hot topic since its release, and some people say that it makes exactly the same sound, so it has a good reputation. The “Weiss DS1-MK3” is bundled with the three models described below and can be used individually.

  • Weiss Compressor/Limiter
  • Weiss Deess
  • Weiss MM-1

This digital compressor/limiter/de-esser performs tasks no analogue unit ever could, across a wider range of settings.

  • Officially licensed and endorsed by Daniel Weiss himself.
  • Not an emulation, but a line-by-line code port of the original digital hardware.
  • Exactly the same processor as the $10,000 original, at a fraction of the cost.
  • Three processors in one; de-ess, compress, and limit, with the industry-standard tool.
  • Processes at resolutions of up to 32 bit/192 kHz for exceptional sound quality.
  • Advanced metering – waveform view.
  • Featuring all-new presets from Bob Katz.
  • Truly versatile de-essing. Choose your own filters, adjust frequency, and tailor the process to your needs working in stereo or mid-sides.
  • Digital compressor can operate at speeds no analogue unit ever could and offers you total control.
  • Two brand-new limiter algorithms included, as well as the Weiss original.
  • Run multiple instances of this legendary unit on the same mix at no extra cost.
  • Nothing sounds as clean, as transparent, as good. That’s why the hardware is in every major mastering studio in the world.

Regular price $603.9 on sale for only $302.5.

Weiss DS1-MK3 ( Plugin Boutique )

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