The bright and hyper-processed sound of K-Pop beats, UJAM “IDOL” is 50% OFF

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The bright and hyper-processed sound of K-Pop beats, UJAM “IDOL” is 50% OFF.



Get Your Party On

IDOL puts the bright and hyper-processed sound of K-Pop beats in your hands.

Keep the good feels coming with clean and polished drum samples, making beats just like the ones in countless chart-topping Korean pop songs!

Attitude and Shimmer

K-Pop is a very bright, polished genre, with thumping kicks and snares that pop.

Its high end glisten and tight low end are carefully compressed to hit hard using influences from hip hop, R&B, American/Euro-pop and traditional Korean instruments!

Make It Shine

Take the precision and hyper-compression of pop music and dial it up to 11.

Carefully trim the tail of every sample and keep the releases tight.

Editing samples to get the perfect K-Pop sound can take hours — with IDOL, everything’s already done for you!

Endless New Rhythms

K-Pop is influenced by rhythms from around the world, so it’s impossible to define it by only one sound.

That’s why IDOL gives you 4-to-the-floor kicks, chaotic breakbeats, rolled trap hi-hats and more — all with the same larger-than-life production style.

International Hits

IDOL is streamlined to get you producing K-Pop beats in seconds, whether you use the presets as-is or tweak the MIDI grooves to create your own patterns.

It instantly syncs to your DAW’s tempo, and you can quickly test different rhythms.

  • 20 Styles
  • 50 Presets
  • 10 Drum Kits
  • 460 Patterns
  • MIDI Drag and Drop
  • Special Control: Juice Algorithm

Regular price $75.9 on sale for only $37.4.

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