A modern take on the multi-effects processors of the 80’s and 90’s, AIR Music Technology “Sprite” is 58% OFF

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A modern take on the multi-effects processors of the 80’s and 90’s, AIR Music Technology “Sprite” is 58% OFF.



Sprite, a modern take on the studio hardware staple of the 80s and 90s, the multi-effects processor.

Sprite does things not possible in a hardware unit. Even better, Sprite is a plugin that is as simple, or as complex as the user desires.

Make synths shine, bring guitars to life, and sprinkle audio fairy dust on vocals.

The simple user interface gives fast control of every element, offering sound shaping of effects in seconds, but this is just the start.

Unlike many ‘magic’ or ‘single control’ plugins, the user has access to the ‘secret sauce’ behind the sound, allowing them to go deeper and craft the effects to audio perfection.

Sprite’s powerful edit mode allows the user to shape every part of the multi-effects just how they want.

There’s enough control to take the distortion from a little added warmth to extreme breakup and multiple ways to modulate the sound taking it from a gentle movement to a sweeping jet flanger.

Delay offers everything from super clean to gnarly tape, and reverb can sit the effects in anything from a tiny room to a huge stadium.

Add EQ, compression, and pitch shift and Sprite is the ultimate sound design effects toolkit where originality is the name of the game.

  • Powerful multi-FX processor for a massive range of breathtaking, unique sounds
  • Stunning user interface with intuitive macros page for immediate control of key parameters
  • Massive range of ready-to-use presets, organised into categories for instant gratification
  • Distortion section featuring nine distortion models with smoothing, hi/lo pass filtering and mix control
  • Two modulation slots with eight classic modulation types. Choose between Flutter, Wow, Tremolo and Auto-pan in one slot, with rate, drift, stereo and depth controls as appropriate
  • In the second slot, choose between Chorus, Multi-chorus, Phaser and Flanger with rate, depth, feedback, depth and mix controls as appropriate
  • Dedicated and incredibly powerful delay and reverb section
  • BPM syncable delay engine with Single, Dual and Cross modes, independent left and right time controls, feedback level and 24 feedback setups, width and mix control
  • Reverb with eight distinct room characters, pre-delay, damp, time and volume controls
  • Pitch-shifter with adjustable depth, assignable mix target, interval and algorithm
  • EQ section with high and low cut and shelving controls
  • Compressor section with assignable routing, attack, release and depth controls
  • Width and balance controls
  • Dedicated output EQ section featuring 31 character presets, plus a manual mode for detailed shaping of low, mid and high frequency content
  • Envelope follower to automatically control delay feedback and delay & reverb mix based on incoming audio levels
  • Final width, gain and limiter controls

Regular price $87.99 on sale for only $36.72.

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