True peak limiter for loud and clear sound, Brainworx “bx_limiter True Peak” is 75% OFF

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True peak limiter for loud and clear sound, Brainworx “bx_limiter True Peak” is 75% OFF.


bx_limiter True Peak

bx_limiter TP (True Peak) from Brainworx is a completely new design, crafted to avoid the shortcomings of existing true peak limiters.

Use it to confidently hit your loudness targets without leaving behind any distortion-inducing inter-sample peaks, and without compromising on the sound quality of your masters.

Until now, most digital limiters that include a true peak mode have simply added it on as an afterthought. This has left a lot to be desired, with users complaining about unstable low end, compromised stereo imaging, harsh artifacts, and smeared transients.

But with the bx_limiter TP, Brainworx has taken a new approach, designing the TP algorithm from scratch to make it perform and sound better than other digital limiters – while also eliminating troublesome inter-sample peaks for even cleaner results.

With input and feedback from top mastering engineers around the world, Dirk Ulrich and the Brainworx engineers packed bx_limiter TP with new technology and new controls.

It relies on “Selective Oversampling” (SOS), to employ oversampling only where it actually improves the signal, and to avoid it where it has been found to compromise the sound.

Coupled with its “Advanced Look-Ahead” design and its incredible speed, it is able to deliver tighter, more accurate low end and better stereo imaging than any other true peak limiter around, even at extreme settings.

And it is a true rockstar in preserving transients while increasing density and loudness. Punchy, loud & clear!

Two years in development!

  • Two different styles/sounds of limiting: Modern and Classic
  • Includes Brainworx beloved XL saturation for extra loudness and glue
  • Integrated loudness and dynamic range metering
  • Unique tone controls including a low and high pass filter, and Brainworx proprietary Foundation filter for dialing in the perfect low to high balance at the perfect center frequency
  • Output Dim to deliver masters at specific output levels, such as -1dB True Peak for streaming services
  • Independent monitoring for L, R, M, and S, with Solo In Place capabilities for L&R channels, and stereo correlation meters
  • A gain knob that lets you REDUCE input to the limiter to easily fix gain-staging issues
  • Simple and elegant operation with customizable color schemes

Regular price $327.8 on sale for only $79.2.

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