Gateway to an unmatched trove of virtual instruments, Native Instruments “Kontakt 7” is 50% OFF

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Gateway to an unmatched trove of virtual instruments, Native Instruments “Kontakt 7” is 50% OFF.


Kontakt 7

The Do-It-All Instrument Platform

Kontakt is your gateway to an unmatched trove of virtual instruments. More than a sampler, Kontakt has powered two decades of blockbuster film scores and chart-topping hits, plus thousands of incredible instruments.

Kontakt is the industry’s leading instrument-building tool, with all Kontakt instruments built right here and developed right alongside our Kontrol S-Series keyboards and Maschine hardware for a deeper playing experience. When it comes to building your own, your imagination is the limit.

The biggest collection of virtual instruments

With hundreds of officially licensed instruments available from NI and other leading manufacturers, alongside thousands more from boutique developers, sound designers, and composers, you’ll never run short of inspiration.

Revamped Factory Library

The revamped Factory Library included with Kontakt 7 sets the bar for sonic quality and quantity with over 900 meticulously sampled instruments, from bagpipes to drum machines and everything in between.

Get started with an endlessly playable – and tweakable – selection of acoustic and electronic instruments, including a new collection of expertly sampled large orchestral sections from Orchestral Tools.

  • Orchestral: For traditional scoring, Orchestral covers your essentials. It includes woodwinds, brass, percussion, and strings, all meticulously sampled
  • Acoustic: Discover 60 inspiring instruments from around the world in Acoustic. From flutes to strings, lutes, and mallets, this is your passport to distinctive acoustic sounds.
  • Band: Your go-to for rock and pop, with picked and strummed guitars, driving basses, and classic drum sounds and loops. 
  • Synths: Synths introduces you to an eclectic, expressive range of modular and hard-wired synthesizers: from pads to basses, arpeggios, and drums.
  • Vintage: Vintage takes you back with timeless sounds from iconic 20th-century synths and drum machines. Perfect for creating authentic retro vibes.

At the core

Bring Kontakt to life through deep integration with our latest Kontrol S-Series MK3 keyboards, the intuitive physical extension of your software instruments: featuring an immersive high-res screen, intelligent auto-mapping, and all your key switches and zones helpfully laid out on the Light Guide. Plus, with next-generation NKS technology, seamlessly dive into thousands of sounds, virtual instruments, and effects from our partners. 

Stay in the flow

Use Kontakt with Maschine grooveboxes and earlier generations of Kontrol keyboards to browse and preview sounds directly from your hardware, control key parameters with dedicated knobs, and much more. 

Dream it, build it

All your favorite Kontakt libraries are built right here in Kontakt, and creating unique virtual instruments of your own can be as simple as dragging in a single sample or as deep as your imagination. 

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