Emulation of the Manley Massive Passive EQ, Pulsar Audio “MASSIVE” is 40% OFF

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Emulation of the Manley Massive Passive EQ, Pulsar Audio “MASSIVE” is 40% OFF.



Pulsar Massive is an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive* EQ that is present in almost every mastering studio in the world.

This machine was designed as a synthesis of the best passive equalizers of the last 70 years, and several distinct features in the design give it an absolutely unique sound.

First of all, the fully parallel topology of the EQ gives a completely different kind of response to a digital equalizer with the same settings.

A parallel equalizer’s tonal corrections aren’t cumulative but tend to interact with each other, resulting in a more intuitive and fluid way to shape the frequency spectrum.

As well as this, the whole equalization circuit of the original hardware is passive and therefore has several inductors.

These inductors, machined and wound specifically by the manufacturer, are responsible for a creamy, non-linear and organic sound due to the magnetic saturation they introduce.

Smooth and musical

Just ask any experienced engineer to hear a ringing endorsement of passive EQ and its uses! Pulsar Massive’s sound can be described as giving a creamy top-end, well-balanced mids, and a punchy low-end. Whether you’re using subtle or extreme settings, audio never sounds over-equalized, but rather vivid and natural, keeping true to the nature of your source material.

For mastering

In mastering, Pulsar Massive is the perfect tool to add sparkle and heft to your mix. For instance, it’s often used to add power to the low end (47 or 68 Hz) while retaining dynamic separation and balance between kick and bass, or to add air (16 kHz high-shelf) without any harshness. Pulsar Massive is also mind-blowing when used in Mid/Side mode, for perfect control over the stereo scene.

On vocals

A creative and musical tool for lead vocals, Pulsar Massive is excellent for adding presence (with the 3.3kHz or 4.7kHz bell filters), and some low-mid warmth without any mud (with the 220Hz low-shelf for instance), thanks to the Bandwidth parameter. The 1.6kHz bell filter is magic to add or remove density, helping a vocal to sit in the mix. Don’t hesitate to really push the drive for some creamy saturation!

Mixing electric guitar

Saturated electric guitars are very busy in the midrange – especially in extreme musical styles, and this can make them difficult to mix. Because the human ear is very sensitive to spectrum and phase manipulation in these areas, Pulsar Massive, with its smooth parallel EQ curves and naturally gentler phase alteration, is the perfect tool for shaping tone without messing with the phase.

Working the drum bus

Whether it’s used for cleaning mud (a gentle bell cut at 180Hz), to tame harshness on overheads (a gentle bell cut at 2.2kHz), or to add brilliance (a gentle high-shelf boost at 8.2kHz), Pulsar Massive will bring a coat of polish to push your drums to the next level. To top it off, you can adjust how Pulsar Massive reacts to the transients of the kick and snare with the Drive control, for a customized dynamic response.

Electronic music

Pulsar Massive can be used as a sculpting tool for very rich sources like synth pads or synth basses. Use it in creative ways, experimenting with extreme curves and driving it hard – you won’t have to work hard to get great results. In addition, on a mixbus, choosing the right transformer will allow you to beef up your kick drum or keep it tight.

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